Beautifully Crafted Hardwood Oak Benches & Tables
Beautifully Crafted Hardwood Oak Benches & Tables

What is Green Oak

''Green Oak' is Oak that was felled in the last 12 months, and as such has a high moisture content, typically around 20%. The Oak will slowly dry out over a couple of years until its moisture content levels match its environment. As the Oak dries, it will change shape as well as develop splits and cracks. This is what gives Oak its character as time goes by. Often the Oak beams we use to make all our furniture comes with splits and cracks in it (as a result of the drying process). Whilst we use the best face of the Oak beams that we use, sometimes there will be splits in our products as they are an unavoidable feature of Green Oak. 


If your product develops splits that have sharp edges, you can sand the edges using some 120 grit sand paper and treat the newly exposed timber with two coats of Manns UV Decking oil toprotect the area.

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